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Myritza Castillo is a visual artist -photographer originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Castillo holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamon [2004] and a Master in Photography and Video Art, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain [2006]. Her works have been exhibited in several group exhibitions in Puerto Rico, United States, South America and Europe. She has win several awards and recognitions among these are finalists of the Competition Luces de América National Geographic in Spanish, [August 2005 Issue], second place in the Contest of Rapid Painting of Alcalá de Henares, Spain, third prize in the inaugural Youth Art Contest Oriental Group 2008 and was selected one of the 20 finalists of the International Painting Competition Castellon Spain. In 2009 receives Lexus Grant for her project of Oil Out presented later on at Art Museum of Puerto Rico in 2010.

Her work has been reviewed in various art publications such as Art Nexus, Art Pulse, Arte Informado, Arte al Día between others. Some of her recent solo shows include Waste of Paint-Sucker, Metro Plataforma Organizada, San Juan, P.R., [2012] and Out of Oil at the Art Museum of Puerto Rico. Recent group shows are Parallel Universes, Francisco Oller Gallery, University of Puerto Rico, Curated by Laura Bravo & José Gómez Isla, [2014], LA MUESTRA NACIONAL, Arsenal de la Marina Española ICP, P.R., [2013], Interconnections, Art Museum of Puerto Rico [2014], Spirit of The Epoch-A Decade of Painting, International Museum of Contemporary Art in Lanzarote, Spain [Curated by Paco Barragán] [2011] among others.

Some of her works are in public and private collections such as the Museum of Puerto Rico, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo-PR, Museum of Art Ponce, PR, National Gallery Czech Republic, Alberto & Maria de la Cruz, P.R., Ofelia Marin & Javier Núñez, Lanzarote Spain, Museum of Art of Alcalá deHenares, Spain among others. She is currently in Puerto Rico working on her upcoming projects.



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Myritza Castillo - by Manuel Álvarez Lezama
June-August 2011

After several important awards, a successful exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in 2010, titled Out of Oil (an experience consisting of the outline of a closed sugar plantation in Puerto Rico, made of lights and accompanied by sound). With an excellent education at the University of Puerto Rico (BS) and a Masters (MFA) in Photography and video from Madrid Universidad Complutense, and with a solid reputation as one of the most promising emerging artists in Puerto Rico, Myritza Castillo (San Juan, 1981), recognized for her refine and provocative oeuvre framed within an original and provocative gaze, has decided to follow her desire and, in her most recent show (March, 2011), titled Writing Stories, returns with passion and joy to the art of drawing.

El Nuevo Día

Oda al Objetoby Ana Teresa Toro
March 11, 2011

Parecía casi un baile. La tecla se presionaba con fuerza y la pequeña palanca dejaba la marca en el papel. El rodillo se movía dando espacio a nuevas letras que, juntas con ingenio, contarían historias al son del tac, tac, tac del tecleo esforzado. Invento genial la máquina de escribir.

ArtPulse Magazine

When a painting moves… something must be rotten! Moving Painting or the Dialects of Techno-Referentiality -by Carla Acevedo Yates
December 2010- January 2011
Originally published on ARTPULSE Magazine

How can we construct a painting that informs itself through the analogue and digital realms? Independent curator Paco Barragán suggests plausible answers to this question in his most recent project When a painting moves… something must be rotten! on view at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR). In it, Barragán, who has written extensively on the subject of ‘expanded painting’ in several essays and in his book The Art Fair Age, brings together thirteen videos that speak of the hybridization of contemporary practice in what he calls the ‘dialectics of techno-referentiality.’ Barragán defines the term as “a context where painting measures itself against its own history and myths while at the same time deploying interdisciplinary and digital approaches.”¹ The exhibition is aptly divided into three different central themes relating to the language of movement in painting: iconographical reformulations, formal experiments and conceptual perspectives. In these videos, identifiable imagery and traditional concepts related to painting are revised, retooled and ultimately recreated.

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By Dra. Laura Bravo

May 26, 2017

April 1, 2017

IN Sagrado
November 2, 2015

En Solitario Myritza Castillo en el MAPR - El Nuevo Día
By Tatiana Pérez Rivera
September 10, 2010

TRANCE LÍQUIDO - by Arnaldo Román
October 16, 2010



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